Moon Film Reviews: La La Land, Lion and Jackie and #ABitofTelly: The Young Pope

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) thoroughly enjoyed 'La La Land'. The acting was top notch (especially the sublime Miss Stone and Mr Gosling), their singing was ropey although endearing, and the music and the dancing was lovely. Plus the film ended as it should have: showing us the price we sometimes have to pay for living the dream.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) thinks that 'Lion' is a film that was rescued by the Indians. For, dear readers, the Indian actors acted the non-Indian actors off the screen. The two boys especially showed Mr Dev Patel how it should be done.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) was gripped from beginning to end by 'Jackie'. Just as the aftermath of her husband's death seemed to be all about her, this film is all about Miss Natalie Portman. What plaudits she deserves even though at times you thought you were watching Miss Portman playing Miss Monroe playing Mrs Kennedy. A marvellous script, marvellous players, and a melancholy feeling: oh for Miss Joan Rivers to be alive to review it.

Finally, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) must, just this once, extended their title to Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre & Television) for no #ABitofCulture can be signed off from without mentioning 'The Young Pope'. Having watched all ten hours of it over two evenings and one afternoon, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre & Television) has been left in a state of astonishment. Not only does it give us shots of la città bella and a fantastic study in politics, it also gives us some indelible performances, not least from Mr Silvio Orlando and Mr Javier Cámara, but above all from Mr Jude Law. It has to rank as one of his finest ever performances and is a role he seems born and destined to play, Roll on series two!

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