Moon Film Review: Free State of Jones

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks that now is an apposite time to see 'Free State of Jones'. Indeed what better weekend to see it than when scriptwriters everywhere will be rushing to write 'When Mr Trump met Mrs Slocombe'?

While we await that particular film, we can salute the one about Mr Newton Knight and his band of brothers. It is a magnificent piece of cinema. Although very long, not once does it sag and not once do you get bored. This is for three main reasons. First, the story on which the film is based. Second, the excellent script. Third, the splendid acting, not least that of Mr Matthew McConaughy. Mr M surely has to be one of the world's foremost actors, bringing all the gifts of a character actor to a leading role - a leading character actor, if you will. And on top of all this, this song by Lucinda Williams over the closing credits.

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