White Wine - Who Cares What the Laser Says? on The Moon

This is another recently released album brought to my attention by a GIITTV track of the day, and it is the first album I have come across from 2016 that is an instant boat floater. It is a blast of primal but inventive rock n' roll that is also thoroughly modern. Imagine if Julian Cope and David Bowie were young(ish) in 2016 and had gone Berlin to record an album - it might well sound like this.

White Wine started as Vin Blanc/White Wine and was the electronic solo side project of Joe Haege from Portland, Oregan USA and member of 31knots, Tu Fawning and a touring guitarist for The Dodos and Menomena. For this album, White Wine are a duo with producer Fritz Br├╝ckner, and it was recorded in Leipzig, Germany EU.

Check out Who Cares What the Laser Says? via Spotify below and you can (and I will) investigate all of Mr Haege's previous incarnations in the usual places.

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