A Yuletide Gift from United Bible Studies on The Moon via The Hare And The Moon

Stream some excellent Yuletide Spookfolk below from United Bible Studies "an experimental and improvisational folk band from Ireland, with members in the UK”. 
If it floats your boat, then you can download it for free and there are many more albums to stream on their Bandcamp page.

The Hare And The Moon brought it to my attention and it does feature Grey Malkin from the band as "a member of the winter choir". 

The Hare and the Moon should feature on A Best of 2015 on The Moon as they have released one of the albums of the year, but it not available to stream in the usual places. However, you can stream most of their last two LPs on an expanded The Hare And The Moon on The Moon via Soundcloud. 

You can also order actual physical copies from www.reverbworship.com and "in the barren wastelands of Ebay”.

And for yet more Spookfolk on The Moon check out A Best of Dark Britannia on The Moon parts 1 and 2. 


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