My Ass by Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures on the Moon

This is the second post featuring The Wave Pictures this year and so now they have become multiple offenders on The Moon. They also featured with Stanley Brinks on A Best of 2014 on The Moon with a great track from "Gin" their second album together. My Ass came out very recently and very much under the radar. I only know about it thanks to Deezer - I do find all the recommendations, recommended playlists, radio mixes, etc. pretty useless on all the music streaming services, but an alert/email is useful when an artist in your "favourites" releases new stuff, especially if it is not reviewed in papers, played on the radio or featured in the music blogs you follow...

Anyhow back to My Ass - it is as consistently great as the last three Wave Picture LP's but a bit more easy listening and, as on Gin, there is plenty of freaky sax and also some lovely flute thrown in.

Check it out via Bandcamp below and, if you had another two lifetimes, you could also find and check out the extensive back catalogues of both artists, much of which is also available to stream/sync in the usual places.

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