The Mark Lanegan Band - Phantom Radio Deluxe on the Moon

Mr Lanegan and his band have done it again and released a third brilliant album following on from Bubblegum in 2004, (filed under Mark Lanegan in Spotify and Deezer) Blues Funeral in 2012 and now Phantom Radio. In between he has been involved in many other projects most notably the three great albums he did with Isobel Campbell to which he added his great voice to her great songs and he also released a fine collaboration with guitarist Duke Garwood last year.

All of above plus all but one of his solo LPs can be found on Spotify and Deezer but sadly for some reason not last and best solo LP Field Songs but you can check it out via Grooveshark.

Much has been made of his use of electonica and the Krautrock and Joy Division/New Order influences on the this album and on Blues Funeral but to me he is just makiing classic rock 'n' roll that also manages to be thoroughly modern.  Phantom Radio is also rather sedate and quite poppy with the likes of Floor of the Ocean and especially The Killing Season - which would not sound out of place on a Gorillaz album (now there is a thought). Below is the 15 track "Deluxe" version that includes the five track EP No Bells on Sunday from earlier this year and, with the exception of the more upbeat  but brilliant lead track Sad Lover, it was a very good indication of what was to follow.


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