The Wreaths on the Moon

Musically this month has not yet matched the delights of last month though both Real Estate and Withered Hand have released fine albums with some great tracks but the album that has really floated my boat is The Wreaths debut which was brought to my attention by the ever marvellous God Is In The TV blog.

It is way way too cool for school and lyrically sparse but it sounds amazing and its 8 tracks are really quite diverse. If the epic Going Back to Haiti does not get you groovin then yer just not groovy whilst the lovely Adult Life would not be out of place on the Real Estate album except they cut it short at less than 2 minutes to move onto the 7 minute hypnotic sound of Leaves on the Ground. It ends with the Black Keys sounding I Love Me, Dark Wizard which is the one track with a traditional verse chorus verse. I suppose they just want to show they can do that as well and they do brilliantly.

Check it out on the embedded Bandcamp playlist below which should be playable on most internet connected devices. It was released last year in the US but has only come out in Blighty this month and so can now be found on Deezer and Spotify.


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