Sisyphus and a bit more on the Moon

Sisyphus is a collaboration between Sufjan Stevens Serengeti and Son Lux. I was first alerted to it via an email from Bandcamp as Mr Stevens last album The Age of Adz was the last LP I purchased as a download as when it was released it was not made available on Spotify. I therefore downloaded the high quality MP3s from Bandcamp for a very few pounds but because they were high quality they did take a long time to download and then it took a while to create lower quality versions to upload onto my phone so that they would not use so much memory. For this album I won't need to bother with all that palaver as it is on Deezer as well as being on Spotify and also Soundcloud. The answer may be here as to why this album is available to stream straight away when The Age of Adz wasn't.

If you liked the The Age of Adz then this is not all that different though both are quite a departure from most of his earlier work.

Serengeti reminds me rather a lot of Akira The Don in style and in the deployment of some fruity language and as whole it does sound like quite a laid back album that he could have made with Martin Carr in Brave Captain mode back in 2004. This is no bad thing and the second track Take Me is one of Mr Stevens most gorgeous moments but the best is left to last with Alcohol. Below is the full album embedded via Bandcamp and embedded below that is an EP the trio released back in 2012 when they went by the moniker s/s/s which also is pretty interesting.


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