Moon Film Reviews: Gravity and Frozen

On her 1971 album, 'Something Else', Dame Shirley Bassey recorded a song entitled, 'Where do I begin?'.  It is a fitting title too for a review by your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) of the film 'Gravity'.
What an astonishing piece of cinema. In every way. From whoever dreamt up the idea (give that person a pat on the back), to the special effects people, from the scriptwriters to the musicians. And, above all, from the director to the actors, it deserves plaudits on every level, although, we have to admit, the ending did stretch our credulity a bit. But this is a quibble.  Miss Bullock was magnificent as was Mr Clooney (if we were able to choose the time and place of our Going Upstairs, what could be better than to go whilst feasting our eyes on the sun over the Ganges?).  And, of course, all this was all conducted against the backdrop of some stunning views of Earth and space. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and affecting films your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) has ever seen.  So, yes, it really was 'Something Else'.

Straight after, it was onto 'Frozen', Disney's latest flick.  Now as someone whose first ever visit to the cinema was to see 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) always judges Disney films against that yardstick.  And naturally all the films are thus found wanting.  Still 'Frozen' was entertaining enough to judge from the laughter of the largely adult audience.  It also had a couple of lovely 'big numbers'.  And the reindeer and the snowman both of whom stole the film quite honestly.

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Anonymous said…
For me, I like Frozen more, especially the Frozen the snow queen Elsa Cosplay Costume

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