Curious George Osborne is not Einstein and Dear Mr Evgeny Lebedev

Curious indeed
Anthony Hilton cuts through the crap with a scythe as usual in an article on Austerity Britainthe fasted growing economy in the G7 and also the one with the largest fiscal deficit.

"So an Italian banker heading a Germany-based institution that acts as central bank to a currency from which the UK has distanced itself has lifted our Chancellor off the hook of austerity and possibly saved his reputation.  One suspects, however, that this irony will be lost on the eurosceptic wing of his party."

"The medicine having failed, his solution is to prescribe still more of it — so he has unveiled £3 billion more of cuts now, and warned of or promised still more cuts in the future. Einstein, one of the great brains of the 20th century, did once say that to repeat an action while expecting a different result was a sign of madness. But Einstein was not a politician."

At least there’s hope of lasting recovery - Analysis & Features - Business - London Evening Standard

Dear Mr Evgeny Lebedev

I would love to be able to add the wisdom of Mr Hilton or Mr Steel or Mr McRae on moonblogsfromsyb and others might like to follow them individually via a their preferred social media channel. It would not have to be the whole article just the headline and a snippet. It could all be done quite simply using Really Simple Syndication  It is called "sharing" but it can also increase traffic to your sites so it is a win win!

Much obliged

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