Moon Music - Caitlin Rose The Stand In and the Brit Awards

After the heights of 2012 it has been a slow start to the year for music for the Moon .The Xfactorisation of the Brit awards did not help. It was as well presented as it has been for years but there was no interesting performances and the music was generally terrible. With the highlight being Mumford and Sons performing an old B side that they managed to come with a chorus for. Miss Grant did get an award but against about as much competition as One Direction had for their made up one. Though it was good to see her looking like Miss Grant rather than the "work of art" that is Lana Del Rey. Her appearance has of course surfaced on Ubend

The new album from Caitlin Rose was something to look forward to and it was given great reviews but sadly it does not match up to her debut LP -
Own side Now which was one of the albums of 2011. The quirkiness and distinctiveness that was most apparent on her debut mini LP Dead Flowers has completely disappeared. Own Side Now was more serious but in a way that was an improvement and the songs and production are just great bar the overcooked closing track Coming Up.

That said the songs on The Stand in are still very good and her voice is still great. It can also be improved by the omission of the equally overcooked Waitin' and by the inclusion of two Alex Turner/Arctic Monkey tracks she covered for last years Record Store day. Piledriver Waltz first appeared on Mr Turners excellent Soundtrack to the film Submarine and it appeared on the Arctic's last LP Suck it and See. This version matches both and she improves on the rather lacklustre rendition of Love is a Laserquest found on Suck it and See. Sadly not a lot of her tracks are available via Grooveshark so see the embedded Spotify Playlists below.  Including Own Side Now bar the aforementioned Coming Up and the original songs from Dead Flowers added. If you like The Stand In you should love that. It is all also available via Deezer.


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