Olympic Fever Hits Little England

BBC News - London 2012: Olympic torch is lit for relay start  As of 25 May 24 "shares" via Social Media

BBC News - Olympic Torch blows out during Devon relay As of 25 May 1757 "shares" via Social Media

Whilst at the Daily Mail....

How many vehicles does it take to escort one Olympic flame on 300 yard dash? 47! »
We’re somewhere on the Olympic flame’s journey around Britain – and the nation’s most blatant mobile traffic jam has just come to town.

Just 252 "shares" as of 25 May but then many Mail readers are not into this new fangled Unsocial Media and therefore perfer to leave a comment, often from Gibraltar or some other tax haven..

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Why is will.i.am a torchbearer? He isn't British nor representing Britain in any way during the games to my knowledge.

- Nicholas McGee, Leeds, 21/5/2012 23:58

This is a perfect example of how the Olympics has become a charade.

- norm, Plymouth, 21/5/2012 23:34

What a waste of public money!

- As, London, 21/5/2012 23:46

What a totally insane waste of money, where are the green zealots when you need them to speak out?

- Chris, Altrincham, 21/5/2012 23:24


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