Dear Google where has Socialize Gone? And...

It would be a rather good idea to clearly point out to Bloggers to set their Feeds to "Short" and that the maximum feed size is 576K and so after so many posts it will stop working. Before this was worked out the Moon's feed was deleted or at least it "will soon be toast! 30 day redirection is active."

A new one as been created I think subscribers will need to re-subscribe to the Feed and the email sign up...

This will also eventually effect the Label Feeds for each Section, though a way round this has been found:

At the end of each feed add "?max-results=10"

For example the Untech feed is:
(or whatever number you want that should not add up to more than 576k) 

Why Google does not set a limit to your Blog feed to start with is a mystery but for a main Feed one would think it is best to set it to "Short" and then have a limit of 10. Setting the feed to "Short" however takes out any images that you might want fed to Facebook etc, so then it may be best to go "Full"and limit the number to 2 or 3 or do a "Jump Break"

The "In the News" section has also been updated and like the main feed it has been "optimized" using Feedburner

This has led on to allowing e-mail subscriptions for each section as well. "In the News" is there already on the Home page and the rest will appear soon. So good can come out of bad...

But where has "Socialise" gone in Feedburner? It is used to send your Feeds to Twitter, however you can get to it via a URL based hack

There are of course alternatives such as Hootsuite and I have found They like many are waiting for Google to release the full Google+ API for 3rd parties.

Google really should be doing this to release the full potential of Google+. Or at least allow you to send feeds to Google+ via Feedburner....

You can however use to automatically send your Google+ posts to Twitter and Facebook.


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